10 Keys to Balance in Late Summer

The earth element is the archetypal mother figure. In balance, she is nurturing, supportive and balanced. Out of balance, she is overburden, heavy with worry and unable to create boundaries for her own self-care.

Here are 10 keys to balancing this seasonal influx and creating ease in the body.

  1. Replace worry.
    Allot yourself a limited amount of time to focus on a specific problem. Then move forward with ways to overcome and action items to correct your course. Keep yourself focused on the present and gentle guide yourself away from thoughts about the future.

  2. Exercise empathy and compassion
    Start with active listening. Bring to the conversation acceptance, trust, a beginner’s mind, patience, the ability to let go, detachment from a goal or fixing, and non-judgement.

  3. Seek out activities that bring contentment
    Look to participate in activities that make you feel content. Being with friends, laughing, walking the park or painting a picture.

  4. Altruism and service
    Participate in something for a higher purpose. Champion a cause within your community that helps the greater good.

  5. Practice gratitude
    Try daily or morning gratitude practices or even just a simple one-sentence thank you to those things for which you are grateful. Join me on social media and try “FIVE THINGS FRIDAY” to establish a practice and grow the habit.

  6. Practice self-care
    Every day, take time to care for yourself the way you would a loved one. Give yourself extra time in the morning to linger in the shower, or maybe draw a bath at night and light a candle. Make a list of things that feel like self-care and do those for yourself on the regular.

  7. Enroll
    Join or establish a connection with others you enjoy. Join a book club, become a member of a church, or find a support group. Affiliation helps us feel like we are a part of the fabric of life.

  8. Maintain good nutrition
    We will be talking more about food in the late summer, but be sure not to skip meals as it is hard on the spleen. Make eating a ceremony, taking time to make and savor your food.

  9. Take care of your digestive system
    Allow yourself time for digestion, eat a full spectrum of foods that allow the body to take in nutrients, and be mindful of medications that might eradicate the healthy bio genome in your belly.

  10. Commitment and security
    When we commit to a goal or to our life, we establish a firm foundation that helps us to feel stable and secure. Set some intentions, recommit to your family, friends and self, and create a strong stable roots.