Five Poses to Stimulate the Earth Lines

I love using yin postures to help stimulate and/or release muscles affiliated with various meridian lines. Here are just a handful of poses to help you balance your Earth element.

1) Malasana or squat pose. Use a blanket under your heels for assistance.

2) Deep lunge or dragon. Blanket under the back knee for support.

3) Lunge variation. The twist helps the lines that move up into the abdominals while holding the back leg gets stimulation along the quadriceps. Hold at the toes to tap into the lines in the shins and top of the foot.

4) Bhekhasana or frog pose. Modify based on what your knee allows. Press your pubic bone towards the mat to intensive and take out any low back compression.

5) Supta virasana. Modify this intense posture by sitting on a block or using a bolster or simply lay back and use elbows or hands to prop you up.

Photo credit: Kristina Cersey