WOOTD: Memorial Day SUPtastic Voyage

Happy Memorial Day all! The tribe was up bright and early to prep for a SOLD OUT Sup Yoga class on the water. We honored veterans and sent prayers of gratitude and healing into the world. And in honor of our fallen brothers, will be donating 10% of our proceeds to Exalted Warrior, a group that provides yoga instruction to veterans, many of whom have lost limbs and/or suffering from PTSD.

My outfit had to double for a trip to the store as I prepare to head out to young women’s camp for our church this week. I spend most of my life in a bathing suit — well, at least in the summer. I have no shame — what you see is what you get. I have larger muscular legs (genetic) and I have a “old school” cesarean cut down my belly where I had surgery at 20 weeks pregnant. I could be toner, fitter and stronger but this is where I am and boy, I am having fun. Please don’t feel shamed to wear what you want to wear. If someone is judging you, then remind yourself 1] they don’t know your story and 2] they are only struggling with their own issues and judging you makes them feel better about themselves.

I hope that seeing me makes you embrace your body and let go of perfection and just have FUN!

So, stepping off the soapbox… Here’s what I wore:

BOGA Paddleboard Trucker | Jiva Dolphin Tank | Havaianas Slim Thong Sandal
ANDI Camo Bag | Jiva Power Fit Bra Azure | prAna Sirra Bottom