Hello + thank you!

Hello, friends.  I wanted to say welcome & thank you for following me. Something I see through my lens interests you. So I thought I’d share a little more about who I am.

I am self-described 40 yo tomboy (who’s made friends with her inner girly girl).  I am over the moon for my husband @kevinkearneyofficial. He’s given me my three little birds. They make me laugh, smile + light me up. They are the reason I understand the phrase “my cup runneth over.”  I worry that THIS is the job I suck at but I know I am doing my best.

I love to eat clean. But I do love pizza. And ice cream. In that order. I am learning to play the ukulele. I love to dance. I am a terrible singer but I love a lip sync battle. I am a voracious reader. I take copious notes and doodle. Mostly the latter.

I adore fresh flowers and handwritten notes. I love a clean house. I detest piles (unless it’s my nightstand book pile). I hate trinkets, clutter and knick knacks. I get bored with things fast. Especially my hair. I love fashion and arranging outfits (and creating capsules).

I have wanderlust in my veins. I want to live everywhere. I move furniture around as a form of physical fitness. I am not a big fan of ‘working’ out. But I am active + move. Every day. I love the outdoors (read: unicorn), water (read: mermaid) and stars (read: constellation).

Megan Kearney

I practice yoga, meditation, and kindness—all works in progress. But traffic drives me insane. I love fiercely. I am loyal to the core. But don’t lie to me or betray my trust. I am a born Leo, the year of the dragon with a pitta constitution + a mildly overactive wood element.

I believe in structural integrity and vibrational medicine. I know that what you eat, say and do, can change the fiber of your being. Literally, change your genes. I believe we can all tap our potential as human beings if we lean in [emotionally], lie back [physically] and look within + look up [spiritually].

My life is layer upon layer of moments, energy, people, and beauty. I embrace it all. Let’s share it together.