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A little about me...
I am fun and fiery, motivated and inspired. I strive to live in the moment and am driven to never stop learning. As a teacher, the quest for knowledge and sharing it, is my journey.

I created my own degree nearly 20 years ago, combining kinesiology, business, journalism and leadership. I have been a group instructor, a personal trainer and a USA triathlon coach. But it wasn't until I had dealt with injury and pain, that I came to yoga.

Today, I am head teacher at EBB | FLOW in Atlanta, part of the Yoga Medicine 200RYT adjunct faculty, a certified Budokon Yoga instructor, and a writer for magazines like Sweat Equity, Yoga Digest and more. I enjoy music, hammocks, warm weather, the ocean, diving, traveling and exploring the world with my three amazing kids.

A little about my classes...
My classes are like me! Some are quiet and introspective. Some are lecture-based. And others are fun, musically-fed and alignment-led vinyasa. My private sessions include a mix of movement, myofascial release, massage and meditation. 

I am movement specialist and structural integrity teacher. I use yoga, mixed martial arts movements, myofascial work, mobility and meditation to create and restore balance in the body and mind.

Whether you recovering from injury or chronic pain or a top athlete looking to round out your physical training, I will work with you to create integrity, mobility and ease.  

I work one-on-one, small or large groups. I’d love to work with you! Come see me at my home studio or bring me to yours. 

xo, Megan Kearney